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Hand Crafted Frame Making

We offer our clients a extensive range of hand crafted American frame designs. From period replicas to working closely with our clients to create unique and original design solutions. Greg Drinkwine's knowledge of art history and experience as both artist and frame maker make him uniquely qualified to help guide our clients in frame selection and design.

Frame Construction:
All our moldings are milled in house. Once milled the molding is cut and joined to create the required custom frame size. The joined frame is then hand carved, the traditional way, using mallet and chisels. John Drube is responsible for all frame construction and carving. John started carving at the age of 13 and is arguably one of the finest carvers working in the field today. Besides his extensive knowledge and experience using historical carving tools and techniques, John has a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering and extensive Managerial background in manufacturing and engineering.

John Drube

Craftsman Frame Co. specializes in traditional water gilded frames. Greg Drinkwine with over a decade of gilding experience uses the traditional centuries old techniques and materials. While both time consuming and labor intensive the approach produces frames of unrivaled quality and beauty.

Greg Drinkwine

Hand signed:
At Craftsman Frame we approach each frame as a work of art in itself worth hand signing. The verso of each frame is hand signed dated and numbered. The information is then entered into our archive catalog insuring accurate provenance for our clients.
Craftsman frame verso